Code of Business Conduct


Ethics & Compliance

We make sure that our activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations and that our employees abide by our Code of Business Conduct and ethical standards.


Workplace Safety

The safety, wellbeing and professional development of all our employees is PSI’s top priority


Climate Change and Environmental Management

We aim to lower the ecological footprint in our tasks, such as CO2 emissions, noise pollution, and accidents. In this sense, we look to find a balance between financial growth, environment care, and the health of society.


Investing in Communities

We actively support the local communities that our businesses touch, helping to ensure their wellbeing and development and avoiding infringing human rights in our work process.


Responsible Supply Chains

We work on improving the efficiency throughout all the supply chains to support our consumers various businesses in order to increase productivity and expand to wider markets while ensuring the protection of all-natural resources and keeping people safe.